Adam Siwek

Adam Siwek

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23919 Gosling Rd B Spring TX 77389
(832) 785-9375
Adam Siwek

Adam Siwek

Houston Iconic Office 23919 Gosling Rd B
Cell (832) 785-9375 Fax Qualifying Broker

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I have been in and around real estate since my youth. During my teen years my parents had rental properties and my brother and I would get them ready for new tenants. This established an early understanding of people's needs to live a successful life.

Throughout approximately a 10-year span I worked with acquiring rental properties renovation projects property/project management and flipping homes. This period of time helped me gain a greater understanding of what was behind the walls of a home and what it took for the 'bones' of a property to set the proper foundation for a beautiful home.

I have been in residential real estate as a licensed agent for about 5 years. My tenure has led me to understand buyer needs negotiation skills and the process for buying a used or new home. I have worked with individuals who want to build from the ground up as well as those who want an older home that needs some love and care.

The MBA Homes Team focuses on all aspects of residential real estate; from your first home purchase to your tenth investment. We are your full service realtor!


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